Hiking Mates: The most popular Meetup.com group in the Capital Region area!

Visit the calendar: RSVP early, check back often! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email me.

Use the following adventure scale rating to see what adventures are right for you!

DistanceLeader's PaceTerrain
A+=13 Miles or More 1=Fast A=Very Difficult
A=8 to 12 Miles 2=Moderate B=Strenuous
B=5 to 8 Miles 3=Slow C=Average
C=Under 5 Miles D=Easy

SOCIAL: Social event only... not a hiking activity.

Example Ratings:
A+1A (13+ Miles, Fast Pace, Very Difficult Terrain)
B2C (5-8 Miles, Moderate Pace, Average Terrain)